Chief Technology Officer

Job Description

WorkForce International has partnered with a tech-savvy and data-driven company specializing in unmatched AI Technology. Science and data sit at the heart of the company and play a uniquely crucial role in what they do. Their key focus is to build intelligent real estate asset management products that help banks, investors, and owners to maximize visibility, value, and efficiency across their real estate. Fundamentally, data underpins the innovation and scaling of their current and future business. Due to growth, we are looking to recruit a CTO who will become a part of the executive team giving you the chance to drive the next stage of scaling the business to disrupt the Property Intelligence Systems in a highly lucrative global market. 

As CTO you will have 5+ years of experience in Engineering leadership or as a fledgling CTO to manage the technical aspect of the company, working closely with the other senior executives and supported by the COO to maximize an organization's potential and take advantage of any technology that could add to a company's product strategy.  

An executive first and a technologist second, you will look at the short-term and long-term needs of an organization and make use of a Start-up / Scale Up level budget to make investments that will help the business achieve its objectives 

You will guide the team to develop procedures and policies and exploit technology to improve products and services that center on external customers. As CTO you will talk to the Product team and try to understand clients’ problems from the technology standpoint and help them understand the technology that the company provides as products to its clients.  

You will evangelize technology and software development best practices to inspire people inside and outside the company and drive change where necessary. You will also act as a talent magnet, pick the best candidates and foster them to become leaders in the future. You will create an environment where developers can come together to achieve ambitious goals. 

What you will do:

Platform selection and technical design 

  • Responsible for executing the strategic focus set by the C-Suite and the CPO for the software development and is in charge of turning a concept into reality. 
  • Responsible for managing the technology team and making business-critical tech decisions, such as tech design planning, architecture, and development platform decisions. 
  • If the tech team doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to complete a task, then it is down to the CTO to find a solution 

MVP and DevOps issues 

  • You will need to handle tech tasks concerning product iterations. Tech process backup also falls to the CTO within the budget constraints of the start-up / scale-up company 
  • DevOps (development and operations) engineering is also the battlefield of a CTO. You will need to continue building the tech side of the product to match the scaling of the business by collaborating with the CPO. Knowledge of this part of Engineering is essential. 

Engineer hunting and team growth management 

  • As CTO you will be responsible for hiring the tech team as we grow including Developers, data scientists, and engineers.  
  • Providing leadership and management of employees by fostering a high focus on talent development and retention, long-term succession planning, and new talent selection. 
  • You will be responsible for hiring the team (with or without the help of HR managers) and then conduct or supervise the onboarding process for chosen candidates. 


  • As the CTO you will oversee security procedure development, algorithm development, conducting emergency audits, and much more. Other engineers must work according to security rules set by the CTO. 

QA and product testing 

  • As CTO you will build on the existing QA processes to develop a system of testing upcoming updates and tools to monitor the progress. Bearing in mind that the CTO is a person who sits somewhere between tech and the other business areas, most of the questions regarding QA management and tech budgets are usually directed to you. 

Growth road-map and innovations 

  • As the CTO in collaboration with CPO, you will think about the future, map it, and support the agile development methodology to deliver. The CTO will build a technology roadmap that supports the product vision and strategy with innovation and continuous improvement. The CTO works with various aspects of the product development team — software development, UX, security, budgets, operational processes, and team coordination. 
  • You will fulfill the budgeting role regarding MVP rebuilding, study user feedback based on Product team prioritization, cooperating with data scientists, and filling resource gaps. A specialist of that kind needs to be acquainted with data processing and data storage security. 

Your Profile:

Negotiation skills 

  • As CTO you will lead the development team, approve new candidates, as well as encourage them to study new technologies and implement new approaches. At the same time, the CTO interfaces with tech workers, HR departments, other C-level executives, and clients. 

Creativity and trouble solving skills 

  • As CTO you will be the one who solves issues. If a problem occurs, the CTO is the first person to be informed about it. On the one hand, the tech leads are expected to develop and launch operating process automation solutions (bug fixing, task execution, tech support). On the other, they are also experts that work on technical issues without external support. 

Sense of leadership and mentorship 

  • You will be responsible for ‘selling’ to CPO and other senior executives new strategic developments, empowered by new technologies. The ability to inspire people to achieve more, persuade them that our vision is realistic and has certain advantages — all these skills are signs of a good CTO. As the head of engineering also shall know how to ‘home-grow, procure or outsource talent. 

Constant self-education 

  • As a CTO in a start-up/scale-up, you need to be the most skilled tech specialist in a team. This rule changes as we grow where you will have more management-related tasks and fewer practical engineering-related duties. 
  • As the CTO you will be the best technical visionary in a company. To remain in service, they need to study new practices, discover technologies, and be comfortable in a high-level professional environment. 

Advanced tech skills 

  • Building Cloud-based (GCP) SaaS product architecture building, MVP, product iterations, and API development and testing, DevOps skills is a skill set that will be required.

Strategic thinking 

  • As the CTO you will lead and plan the tech stack. Choose a development approach, workflow philosophy, and plan or check project budgets together with the assigned Product Owners. 

What’s on offer:

  • Competitive salary for an aspiring Head of Engineering or Start-up CTO 
  • An annual bonus of 10% 
  • All the latest tech you need 
  • Work Anywhere for working from home and flexible hours 
  • Pension plan 
  • Private health insurance 
  • Rest up with 25 days’ holiday per year