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John started working in Recruitment back in early 2000. His career started in South Africa and then moved to Greece where he went on to manage the Athens and Thessaloniki office of a major international recruitment firm.  In 2008, he started his own company with the dream of building a business that aligned with his beliefs and ideologies. Clients and candidates alike were immediately receptive to a more contemporary brand dedicated to offering bespoke recruitment solutions. Recently, with an unwavering motivation, IWR WorkForce International was created as a brand that broke away from the exhausted mold littered throughout the industry. His approach to recruitment is, to work hard to do one simple thing: to make people happy and fulfilled in their careers today so that we’re inspired to do it again tomorrow. This has been his formula since he started in 2000. 


Meet the Team

IWR WorkForce is a craft from blended experiences and achievements. Our recruiting history spans more than two decades, gained in countries around the globe and a variety of industries. As a brand away from conventionalities and always up for a challenge, the team strives for excellence, not just filling the position to get the fee.  Our team’s drive for tomorrow is working hard today in helping others. Whether this means making people happy, supporting them to get what they deserve, or achieving fulfillment in their careers, we are up to this simple yet challenging mission.

Resilience, Loyalty, and Optimism are what we are made of.


We cater our services to our client’s needs

International Recruitment

Invested in video technology, WorkForce International provides recruitment services to a variety of companies ranging from multi-national corporations to small and medium-sized companies alike. Specializing in the delivery of talented professionals across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa


Executive Search/Headhunting

WorkForce International has dedicated itself to assisting clients in acquiring leadership talent through outstanding research capabilities and access to a global talent pool

General HR

With a strong network of HR professionals, outsourcing your human resources can be the right move for your company. We can help you by taking care of all of your HR requirements that allow you to concentrate on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.

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